So that happened…

Met with the remaining members of our team at the Singapore airport this afternoon. After a very hot day walking around Little India the quick shower at the hotel was very welcome, and I am sure was appreciated by my plane mates…

The sights, sounds and smells of little India was incredible. Walked through the market areas and paused to walk through a Hindu temple. The art and devotion in the building was a true sight to behold.


On all the trips I have taken there have been so many firsts for me. New places and people and ideas and projects and experiences. This time another first….and hopefully last. We were struck by lightning as we were flying out of the Singapore airport. About 20 minutes into the flight a bright flash or 2 and every eye in the cabin widened to the size of plates. There may have been a bit of incontinence. Not saying there was but may have been.

Dinner out to sample some authentic Cambodian dishes. The bed is sounding better every minute and up and at it to go see some kids and jiggle some computer bits and bytes around, 7 am.


Our TutTut driver for the night



My dad, Ronnie and Jake trying to not fall out of the TutTut
20170404_221804Me and my partner in crime, Greg. Yet another country and continent we can say we made vaguely inappropriate jokes in…..

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