Here we go!

Hey All!

So in the coming days and weeks CTRL ALT DEL Poverty (henceforth known as CADP) will be traveling to Cambodia to deploy yet another METL kit. This is a special trip. I have traveled a bit to help many kids (this is Mark by the way). I have had the unique opportunity to get my daughter involved with the kids in Dominican. Now we go a step further, ok a big leap forward…. My dad will be traveling with me to Cambodia to help the kids there. This is made even more poignant as it will be the first time he has been to the area since he left after serving his country in the Vietnam war. After discussing it with him, I will be trying to document this trip on a daily basis here on our blog. A lot about the computersĀ a lot about the schools, some about my dad and all about the kids.

So, stay tuned for some terrible writing skills and highly likely misspelled words, grammar errors and maybe some good pictures. Hey, I don’t want to set the bar too high, right?

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