Ain’t pre-check great?

Almost 7 am at Tulsa Int. NOT MATTER THE SITUATION I am always flying out of the very last gate. Why is that? It started to dawn on me this trip will check off a 3rd continent that my feet have touch but for CADP it will mean 7 counties and 4 continents. All in a years time. And many more coming. 

Anyway, here we set. My dad, Ronnie and I. Staring into the blankness that is pre coffee and early morning. In roughly 27 hours we step off in Singapore after a stop in Tokyo. Man I hope those movies I downloaded are interesting because lets face it, that “in flight magazine”, it ain’t gonna cut it. 

Chapter 1 of what ever this trip will be starts now. This consciousness brought to you by Starbucks. 

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