The challenge

CTRL Access

One of the primary challenges of working in developing areas? Access. Learn how we are working to overcome the digital divide.


ALT Power

Technology is a great tool, unless you can not use it due to lack of electricity. Learn how we can help give power back to the powerless.


DEL Cycle

Education and access to training is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. No matter the location.


Change Lives

Give CTRL to people to ALT their situation and DEL the cycle of poverty.
Learn How.




  • Give ctrl 

    Access to internet and the content of the world is challenging when you do not have that door to open. At CADP we have worked to collect numerous offline copies of open source learning material that normally would be inaccessible to developing countries and underserved locations. With packages like Khan Academy Lite, Wikipedia for Schools, Medline Plus and many more, each tablet in the METL kit gives the user access to a large amount of learning materials. All with no internet access needed. We can work with you to customize the material available and help you update as needs change.

  • alt power

    All the tablets and computers in the world mean nothing if you can not plug them in to charge. After many years struggling with traditional computer labs in the developing world, we knew there needed to be a better way. Each kit can contain a variety of off-grid power options to make sure your access to learning is uninterrupted. With options like integrated battery backup, USB power supply, automotive power and solar charging each kit can give you the ability to work virtually anywhere. 

  • del poverty

    When access to education is given the result can be extraordinary. Education can open doors that would have remained closed to many. New careers, new ideas, new hopes. The earning power of a person that can read and write skyrockets and could alter the trajectory of an entire family. Children develop the power to work toward dreams instead of only surviving. Adults find a world of opportunity they only hoped for before. Teachers can reach people that would have never been possible. The possibilities are endless if only the opportunity is given.

  • learning unlimited

    People want to learn. They just want to know more. In areas that may not have reliable electricity, running water is rare, and opportunity is even more rare... They just want to know more. Education and knowledge is a huge opportunity to make a change in their life. It could be the difference between homelessness and fear or hope and possibility. Computer learning labs offer that chance. Learn another language to be able to compete. Learn higher level of skills to open doors that would normally remain closed. Learn about the many things out there that COULD happen... if only they know it and strive for it. These labs open those doors. And yes, they offer a bit of fun time as well....
    I mean who can resist this big internet thingy?

  • lives changed

    Our goal is simple: Break the cycle of poverty around the world through access to education and technology. From the inner city slums to the farming village, access to education and technology can help to DEL poverty and change lives.

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